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Once a member of the Ambassadors, the eight members will spend a year together bonding and becoming both lifelong friends and extended “family.” Read about their experience here :

The Woodbury Ambassadors program is a unique opportunity to be engaged in community service, make new friends, and become a leader. For me, the most gratifying part of being an ambassador is serving a community. Volunteering at community events, organizing donation drives, and making new friends across the state has been so much fun. There is so much more to being an ambassador than the crown and gowns; being part of the Woodbury Royal Ambassadors gave me an awesome group of friends, tons of laughs, and the opportunity to represent this incredible city. It is an honor to be Miss Woodbury and I will always cherish the memories created with this amazing organization.

Gitanjali Raman

Miss Woodbury 2019-2021

One of the biggest things you can do is make a difference in someone’s life and the Woodbury Ambassador program gave me the opportunity to do so. Through my year as Miss Woodbury, not only did I grow personally in my confidence, public speaking skills, networking abilities, and mentor ship skills but I saw other people’s lives change. I was able to stand alongside 6 other incredible ladies and help them blossom into the people they are today. This program gave me the opportunity to do something I love in a new way. I was able to help others with a crown on my head. I will never forget the way that little kids melted in their seats along the parade routes as I smiled or blew them a kiss. I was able to show them that they matter to me, no matter who they are. Since passing on my crown, I have noticed that I appreciate the little things more. Although I don’t have the crown on my head I can make people happy by smiling or helping out in any way possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do for yourself-it makes you grow.

Jordyn Yourczek

Miss Woodbury 2018-2019

If I could describe the year in three words it would be fun, happiness and growth. Being an ambassador has given me a new definition of happiness. I have been able to provide happiness by a wave, smile or simple blown kiss.

I have gained so much confidence in public speaking skill while being Miss Woodbury. I have learned that wearing a crown on your head doesn’t make you a princess but a leader. I have learned how to lead a group an be a role model to all the princesses in my community.

This program has allowed me the confidence shine.  

Megan Rice

Miss Woodbury 2017-2018

I have learned and grown so much throughout my time as Miss Woodbury. This experience has allowed me to acquire both personal and professional skills that I will carry with me for years to come. The most rewarding part of being an ambassador was inspiring young girls and boys to be proud of who they are and encouraging them to follow their dreams. I will never forget the smiles I was able to bring to so many little kids’ faces along parade routes as well as the laughs I shared with people from all walks of life. I never realized something as simple as a smile can bring so much joy to others. Over the course of my year, I’ve come to understand that it’s never really been about the crown, but rather the experiences the crown signifies. It has been amazing to see the impact I can make on the world through a simple act of service. The friendships and memories I have collected through this journey will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Abby Fischer

Miss Woodbury 2016-2017

Indescribable! This is the first word that comes to mind when I look back on my experience as Miss Woodbury. This experience has surrounded me with an immense amount of relationships that will last a lifetime. Going into the program, I figured I would get to know the people within my royal family, but I could have never imagined having significant relationships with people from all over the state of Minnesota. Although this seems like a big commitment, I can personally say that the hardest part of scheduling will be filling your free time once it is over. When I asked my friends to reflect on the program, they replied with, “I really don’t understand it but I can tell that you are very passionate about it.” From this, I must tell you, no paragraph will make you understand the program but experiencing candidacy will change your life, because this experience is truly indescribable.

Kathy Melton

Miss Woodbury 2014-2015

From the outside looking in, it appears we are living every little girls dream of being a princess. From the inside looking out, the view is much more spectacular than a dream come true! The journey starts with volunteerism in our own community, learning to be leaders, and simply become better people. During the candidacy, new friendships are formed with an everlasting bond. Through all the laughs and work you become a part of a group of young ladies who are like no others. With the extraordinary moment of crowning, the year begins! Representing the City of Woodbury is a fantastic opportunity. Looking back it has allowed me to have the time of my life. The events and memories gained by being Miss Woodbury, couldn’t be given justice by words alone. The dream is real, being a princess with a crown and gown! However, the best part about it isn’t covered in bling but in laughs and friendships, it can’t be seen but it certainly can be felt.

Lynnae Boe

Miss Woodbury 2013-2014

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