become an ambassador

Steps to becoming an ambassador:

  • Attend an informational meeting in April or May.
  • Fill out and submit application.
  • Participate in one month candidacy period (starting in July).
  • Attend events with the current Royal Family while making friends, practicing public speaking, and developing leadership skills.
  • At the end of the candidacy period, a coronation will be held to announce the new Royal Family.
  • New ambassadors will continue to participate in community outreach, efforts in self-discovery and development, and build a lifelong extended network of friends mentors, and advocates.
  • Successful Ambassadors will be awarded a scholarship towards their post-secondary education.


Little Woodbury Ambassador

Girls and boys entering into grades 3-5 in the fall of the next school year.

Attend school in district 833, 834, or 622.

Woodbury Ambassadors

Girls and boys entering their 10th – 12th grade year in high school in the fall of the next school year OR pursuing secondary education.

High school candidates must attend district 833, 834, or 622 or work in Woodbury.

Candidates attending post-secondary education must live or work in Woodbury.

Senior Woodbury Ambassadors

Senior candidates must live or work in Woodbury and be 50 or older by August of the next year.


Community Outreach

During the candidacy month, you will represent Woodbury while participating in a variety of community outreach programs who rely on volunteers like you to be successful such as “Feed by Starving Children” and “Angels in the Outfield”. You will also have the opportunity to welcome new businesses into Woodbury by attending ribbon cutting celebrations, and will be able to promote and participate in Woodbury Days events.​

Personal Development

While a candidate, classes on etiquette, city government, and job interviewing techniques will be provided. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to large audiences and practice public speaking at volunteer events. You will be challenged to try new things and make new friends in a safe environment, and define/celebrate what makes you uniquely you.


The Woodbury Ambassadors program is a great way to meet new friends and become part of a large extended family! You will meet other Woodbury candidates, but also Ambassadors and candidates from neighboring communities who have similar goals and interests. You will become part of a large extended family while you learn about various organizations and hometowns while representing your own.​


During candidacy, you will participate in many activities to enhance your social and real-life networking skills. You will meet your community, including government leaders, local business owners, and other volunteers. Many of these leaders can assist as you reach your own aspirations.​


The Woodbury Ambassadors Royal Family is a scholarship program. Those selected to be a part of the one year reign as Woodbury Ambassador earn a scholarship for post-secondary education. Little Woodbury Ambassadors earn a stipend intended for post-secondary education.


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